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Our mathematicians and statisticians have been analyzing the markets since 2003. We’ve listed our fully-automated trading strategies on They’re available at almost no cost for small accounts, but when you’re ready to trade big then you’ll have to pay us!

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Daily Forex Update: USD/CHF
By: Dima Chernovolov USD/CHF continues to rise after the price broke the “neckline” of the 4-hour Inverse Head and Shoulders chart pattern which was previously identified by Autochartist. The overall Quality of this chart pattern is rated by Autochartist at the 9 bar level – which is the result of the sharp Initial Trend (10 […]
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Daily Forex Update: EUR/CAD
By: Dima Chernovolov Autochartist recently identified the clear Triangle chart pattern on the EUR/CAD charts. The overall Quality of this chart pattern is measured at the 6-bar level – which is the result of the slow Initial Trend (3 bars), above-average Uniformity (6-bars) and substantial Clarity (8 bars). Higher Clarity reflects the strength of the […]
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