Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.
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Autochartist voted “Most Comprehensive Market Analysis Provider – Global” by the ForexRating.com Awards

Autochartist, a world-renowned technology partner that provides real-time market analysis for traders, was named “Most Comprehensive Market Analysis Provider – Global” by the ForexRating.com Awards 2022.

This award specifically highlights excellence in investment analytics solutions for financial markets and recognizes vendors providing exceptional and innovative infrastructure, technology, and data solutions. 

Autochartist provides a broad range of trading tools and services that use financial data to provide traders with valuable market insights. The breadth of coverage, broker integrations, easy access, and transparency really set it apart. 

From humble beginnings as a technical analysis-only platform, Autochartist now offers 6 broad categories of analysis, including Technical Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Macro-Economic Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, and Volatility Analysis. These major analysis types can be subdivided even further, with Autochartist boasting a total of  14 different types of analysis.

Such breadth of analysis is unmatched by any analytics provider and truly allows a broker to provide an analytics solution to any type of trader.

Brokers that have integrated the Autochartist package have seen significant increases in trading volume and are already experiencing some of the bottom-line benefits. These impressive metrics result from the vendor’s continuous engagement and feedback loops with both traders and brokers. With the right integration, brokers are able to deliver personalized content based on trader behavior, such as tradable assets, hours of activity, trading style, and risk profile.

By integrating its analytics into MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, xCritical, Mubasher, cPattern and numerous other platforms, Autochartist offers powerful tools for customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

“Autochartist is pleased to be recognized by ForexRating.com, amongst strong competitors in investment insights and trading analytics. This award reflects our commitment to innovate and disrupt the industry,” said Ilan Azbel, CEO at Autochartist. “Our service enables customers to automate their content workflows with the highest quality analytics while benefiting from our flexible and scalable delivery options. We also support our broker partners to empower their traders throughout their investment decision-making journey.”

“Congratulations Autochartist for winning Most Comprehensive Market Analysis Provider – Global. This year’s ForexRating.com Awards 2022 have been extremely popular and competitive –  highlighting established FX brokers and technology providers from across the globe that provide exceptional infrastructure, innovative technology, and analytics solutions. Their suite supports traders of all skill levels and helps them find and validate trading opportunities, learn about the financial markets, and manage risk.”

The ForexRating.com Awards highlight players at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, social and copy trading, best trading conditions, comprehensive market research tools, and world-class customer service. The nominations are based on spearheading groundbreaking achievements, superior performance, innovations, and progressive contributions in the online trading industry.

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Since 2004 Autochartist has partnered with many of the world’s leading online brokers. Autochartist services millions of traders in over 100 countries through its vast broker partnerships, distributing thousands of trade setups, articles, and social media posts daily in more than 30 languages. The company prides itself on its core commitment to service excellence and ongoing market leadership through developing innovative new products.

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