Content and Tools for Trader Retention  

Retaining traders is a key ingredient to growing a broker’s customer base. Spending money on customer acquisition only to lose them on the back-end of the funnel is an exercise in futility.

Autochartist provides content and tools to assist with trader retention. Our retention products are primarily targeted at Futures, Currency (Fx) and CFD brokers.

In the retail trading space, a large source of \large losses is a result of expected high volatility due to economic news events such as non-farm payroll, interest rate decisions, or other macro-economic statistics.

Our content and communication can help traders ensure their margin accounts are well funded and their positions are sized according to expected volatility.

Volatility around news events  


We can provide analytics as to the amount of volatility that is to be expected on certain instruments.

A volatile period in store for EUR/USD with an expected increase in volatility by 36%.


Or, we can provide simple warnings of increased volatility.

A volatile period coming up for certain Futures instruments.

Risk Calculator  

For highly leveraged markets such as Forex, we provide a position sizing tool that allows traders to size their positions based on US$ risk amounts rather than on lot sizes. Watch this video for a quick overview:


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