Increase demo-to-live conversion while at the same time decreasing customer churn and slashing your content production costs.

It’s imperative to engage with customers throughout their trading life-cycle; from lead acquisition through to retention. At each stage the content needs to serve a different purpose.

Tools for traders

  • Lead Acquisition

  • Demo-to-Live Conversion

    To convert your lead from the demo to trading live the objective of the content is to increase your customer’s confidence; without trading confidence no one can expect a trader to place live trades.

    Content for Lead Nurturing and Conversion

  • Trading

    Keeping your customers trading requires a reliable and consistent flow of information; having trading information available whenever and wherever the trader requires it.

    Tools for Traders

  • Retention

    The content for retention purposes is different from other phases because it is typically more focussed on risk management and portfolio diversification rather than entry timing.

    Content and Tools for Trader Retention

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