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CPattern and Autochartist Announce Joint Technology Collaboration

CPattern and Autochartist are proud to announce a joint technology collaboration to enable professional content personalization for traders. This technology gives each trader the most relevant and up to date content inside the trading platform, leading to a significant boost to trading volume.
Brokers that have adopted the CPattern/Autochartist service have experienced an adoption rate of 40% of traders. Analysis of trading data has revealed that traders using the service experienced a 100% increase in trading volume and over 50% more transactions compared to all other traders who did not use the tool. It has become common knowledge that modern traders are overwhelmed with content and tend to filter or ignore it. Brokers are constantly looking for ways to deliver content to their traders to gain their attention, but in many cases this simply adds to the amount of content that traders need to deal with. This partnership between CPattern and Autochartist is a step towards finding a cure for the problem of the content firehose. CPattern brings to bear its trader profiling analytics and Guardian Angel’s personal feedback application. Combined with Autochartist’s content – the new service now provides each trader a stream of relevant, high quality content that is driven by his own personal trading behavior. The metrics indicate that this method of content consumption is the most favorable. Despite the collaboration having only started, the handful of brokers that have signed on to the service are already experiencing some of the bottom-line benefits
Currently the CPattern/Autochartist service comprises only two of Autochartist’s seven analysis types, but more is soon to come. “The collaboration with CPattern is natural and brings an innovative way to deliver our content to a much larger number of traders in a comfortable way and with an easy integration. The ultimate goal would be to be able to speak to any type of trader; technical,  statistical, news, fundamental, etc. Despite only having integrated the technical analysis part of our services, the product is already providing massive ROI for brokers” says Ilan Azbel, CEO of Autochartist. Oded Shefer, CEO at CPattern: “We are grateful to work with the wonderful team of Autochartist and witness traders’ adoption rates of the personalized content. It adds a greater personal feeling to their trading experience, and helps brokers with a hand-free way of retaining clients and maximize their clients engagement rates.” About Autochartist Since 2004 Autochartist has partnered with many of the world’s leading online brokers across the globe. Autochartist services millions of traders in over 100 countries through its vast broker partnerships. Autochartist distributes thousands of trade setups, articles, and social media posts on a daily basis in more than 30 languages. The company prides itself on its core commitment to service excellence and ongoing market leadership through developing innovative new products. About CPattern CPattern has provided a unique proprietary behavior analytics platform to the FX industry since 2009. The technology analyzes trading behavior of each trader in real time to detect patterns and insights to the brokers on one side and to the traders inside the trading platform. These enhance retention parameters and dramatically impact traders’ engagement.