Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.
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Financial industry exams and certification is finally here: Autochartist Academy goes live

Representing the very first actual industry accreditation with in the retail FX technology and market sector, Autochartist accreditation covers MetaTrader 4, Analytics and Risk Calculator. Students with a suitable pass rate are able to print their accreditation certificates and details of accredited Autochartist students are kept on file for future reference by potential employers.

The evolution and increasing sophistication that continues to emanate from the retail FX industry has been in most cases self-generated, and is so rapid that many companies striving to continue to refine their product range are contributing to the current dynamic, that being the position of the electronic trading firms and ancillary service providers as leaders in innovation for the entire financial services industry.

This level of innovation is not just confined to new instruments or trading styles, but encompasses the very quick development of entire end to end trading systems, which, in the same way that the Formula 1 motor sport business develops vital safety, engineering and futuristic advancements that eventually make their way onto standard, everyday road cars, creates an environment in which the retail FX business and its astute leaders with their often entrepreneurial and technologically inquisitive nature invent products and solutions that eventually become part of all of the wider FinTech and traditional banking industries.

Whilst tremendous expertise is displayed across this sector, R&D departments being at the very leading edge, and today’s CEOs and operations directors being among the most forward thinking compared to almost every other industry sector, the ability to gain a respected and standard industry qualification that relates specifically to the electronic trading industry and its component structure has been absent.

Until now.

Today, Autochartist, one of the industry’s technological mainstays, having been established in 2004, has unveiled a set of industry-specific qualifications under its accreditation division, Autochartist Academy.

By earning an Autochartist accreditation, students will be qualified in several competencies in using Autochartist content and thus allowing themselves to be more attractive to potential employers that use the Autochartist tool in their business.

The Academy will only be made available by invitation to employees of companies that license the Autochartist content – allowing those industry professionals to take immediate advantage of their new-found knowledge.

This paves the way for specific, modular industry qualifications which until now have not existed.

Courses available right now are Autochartist Analytics which covers a selection of topics from market psychology to detailed elements of the Autochartist web application. The Autochartist MetaTrader course which focuses on the latest plugin, as well as the Autochartist Risk Calculator course.

Once a course has been completed with a suitable pass rate, students are able to print their accreditation certificates and details of accredited Autochartist students are kept on file for future reference by potential employers.

Whilst those who are accredited professionals in analyzing financial markets have been able to carry CMT (Chartered Market Technician) or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification for several years, the Autochartist effort is the very first example of specific industry related accreditations for the electronic markets, hence is a very welcome benchmark indeed.

FinanceFeeds will include Autochartist accreditation within the FinanceFeeds FX industry careers portal in order to allow candidates with these skills to further advance their career prospects within the industry.

Visit Autochartist Academy: https://autochartist.academy/