Leverate adds Autochartist to their new Activ8 trading platform

Leverate recently announced the integration of the Autochartist service to their new Activ8 trading platform. Activ8 comes with tools that will appeal to traders of all experience levels, all housed in one platform.

This integration allows Autochartist content to be used directly by sales, marketing and retention teams in order to engage with customers in a more meaningful manner. This type of integrated content solution is of massive benefit to Activ8 brokers and will give Leverate’s broker customers a unique edge over competitive platforms.

Activ8 users will have access to Autochartist’s trading opportunities including Chart and Fibonacci Patterns, as well as Key Levels. In addition, Autochartist is integrated with the Activ8 CRM system which allows for both improved user experience and automatic transfer of trader information to sales and retention teams.

Traders will not need to leave the trading platform, open other browsers, or run applications or third-party set-ups as Autochartist’s technical setups can be found in the news section making analysis of trades quicker and easier.

It’s clear that this integration fulfills both Autochartist and Leverate’s primary goals which are to develop technology that optimizes processes for brokers and their clients. With this partnership clients are presented with valuable trading opportunities and are able to execute trades from one place. A functionality which will see increased broker productivity and profitability.

About Autochartist:

Autochartist была создана в 2004 and is currently servicing hundreds of the largest and most successful on-line brokers and institutions. С сообществом более 250,000 трейдеров в более чем 80 странах по всему миру получать свыше 400 000 potential trade opportunities each month Autochartist has proven itself as the leading chart pattern recognition solution for Brokers, Маркет-мейкеры и учебные заведения.

Autochartist has established itself as a valuable trading tool for all traders and has still not been matched in terms of speed, точность, и качество информации. В рамках процесса непрерывного совершенствования, наш продукт был усовершенствован и итеративно рафинированное.

С помощью данных, возвращаясь к 2010, Autochartist предоставляет своим клиентам полную прозрачность сервиса и стремится быть в авангарде рынка с погашением будучи независимой аналитической платформой выбора. Стремление к совершенству обслуживания, покрой решения, и никогда не замедляя с разработкой новых инновационных продуктов, которые обеспечивают высокое качество, выполнимые потенциальные возможности для торговли, Autochartist является лидером на рынке в автоматизированной технического анализа.

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