Autochartist Mobile
This user guide will help you get started and familiarized with Autochartist's mobile application.

Step 1: Download

Download Autochartist Mobile from:

Step 2: Register

Choose your language & complete the Registration Form. Check your email inbox for login details.

Step 3: Login

Choose your language and login

Step 4: First Login

"Our Favourites" is a list of currently active trading opportunities that Autochartist believes to have the highest probability of success based on past performance. Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future performance. This is the screen you will see when logged in.

Step 5: Configure your settings

Tap on these 3 lines to launch the MENU screen.

Step 5.1: Settings

Tap on settings to launch the SETTINGS screen


  • Change your language;
  • And your time zone so that the trading opportunities are in sync with your watch;
  • Turn the Push Notifications on or off by tapping the On/Off selector.
  • Change the minimum likelihood of success of the push notifications. (This is great because maybe while you are navigating inside the app you would want to see a higher number of trading opportunities for all the pairs, with any % probability, but when the app is closed you might only want to get notified of a few trading opportunities with a higher probability of success).

5.1.2 Scroll down further on the SETTINGS screen to find a list of the markets and instruments you would like to view.

By tapping on one of these options a detailed list of instruments will launch.

Once you have made all your selections on the SETTINGS screen remember to tap the SAVE button.

Step 6: Making your selection for push notifications

On the "OUR FAVOURITES" screen tap on one of the three boxes below to open up a selection list:

Markets & Instruments (Forex) - scroll through this list to choose the market you want to view research for

%Probability (65%) - select the minimum likelihood of success based on past performance. Remember that the higher you make this number, the smaller number of trade opportunities will appear.

Number of results (15…) - Select how many trading opportunities you would like to see on this screen.

Remember to tap "Done" once you've made a selection.

Step 7: Reading the Chart Patterns

Trading opportunities are ordered from newest to oldest, it automatically updates every hour, but you can manually update it by dragging the screen down.

Tap the image to open a trade opportunity:

To see more details:

Use the copy feature to send the forecast level to e-mail; sms or paste to notepad on your mobile. Once tapped the screen below will appear:

To navigate back to the previous screen press this arrow at the top:

Step 8: Sending trade opportunity info to email

Once a chart pattern image has been tapped, scroll down further to find the email button:

Step 9: Volatility Analysis

Once a chart pattern image has been tapped, scroll down further to find the Volatility Analysis button:

Once tapped the screen below will pop up providing expected price ranges on different time granularities for the specific forex pair or instrument:

Tap to copy info to email; sms or notepad

Push Notification

When the app is closed a Push Notification will appear like this: