Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.

Offer Content to Suit Each Trader’s Styles

With increasing competition in the financial trading and fintech landscape, brokers need new ways to attract and retain clients and encourage re-deposits. One of the best ways to do this is by providing your clients with personalised content that helps them create successful strategies and monitor risk. Reliable and consistent flow of information, when and where they need it, can motivate traders to trade more often and higher amounts. The information is particularly helpful if it caters to their trading style.

When you offer fresh and unique content daily, you gain a competitive advantage over your peers.

Content for all Trading Styles 

There are four main trading styles: scalping, day trading, position trading and swing trading. Each style has its own unique characteristics including how long a position is held. As a result, the traders using these styles will require different content to suit their interests.

  • Scalping 

Scalpers trade in a fast-paced environment and seek to gain from small asset price fluctuations. They open positions for mere minutes and make short-lived trades based on intraday price movements. The aim is to make many quick trades with small gains that can be accumulated into a sizeable profit.

This type of trading requires highly liquid markets and tight spreads. A volatile trading environment suits scalping strategies. With a volatility analysis tool, brokers can provide scalpers with a visual representation of expected volatility. The Autochartist Volatility Analysis web component is also very useful to this type of trader as it gives them an indication of when volatility is generally at its highest.

  • Day Trading 

Day traders make use of short term changes, closing their positions on the same day they were opened. Since day traders are interested in the movements of their chosen assets for that day, providing them with a Market Snapshot of the upcoming trading day for each session is highly beneficial. This should include some kind of economic calendar so they can stay informed of potentially high impact events. Once additional piece of information that day traders find helpful are price movement forecasts. These are all available through Autochartist.

  • Swing Trading

Swing traders leverage price action at the end of one trend before the next one begins. They take advantage of price swings, either the fading of a rally or reverting to the median. These positions can be held anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Swing traders find earnings releases, company valuations, and other macroeconomic data releases particularly interesting as they can lead to trend reversals. However, the key to a swing trader’s loyalty is having a detailed on-platform analysis. Swing traders rely on chart patterns and volume analyses to determine the turning point of a trend. Furthermore, offering quality indicators which give the trader information regarding potential breakout can be the difference between a swing trader choosing you or your competition.

  • Position Trading

Positional traders hold their trades long term with the view that it will gain value. By riding the “wave,” they aim to take advantage of the upward and downward price movements. They exit the positions when the trend breaks.

Determining trends over such long term periods is a completely different beast from that faced by short term traders trading on more volatile assets. Therefore, position traders prefer technical analysis that fits their trading timeline. For instance, it could be a good idea to help them identify major support and resistance levels, along with pre-breakout warnings. Stock traders would seek long-term stock valuations based on various company valuation methodologies.

Autochartist offers multilanguage content to suit every trading style. We enable brokers to distribute content for all types of traders and investors, in a manner that they find easy to understand. This content spans multiple asset classes and languages, ensuring the best results for you and your traders. Our technology can distribute unique content across platforms, at a fraction of the cost of what you would otherwise pay to create original content. Contact us to learn more.