Content Types  

We offer a wide range of financial market content to cater for all types of traders and investors. We provide Technical Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Macro-Economic Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis. We cater for Trend Traders, Swing Traders, Mean-Reversion Traders, News Traders and Value Investors. Our content is applicable to both Novice and Experienced Traders, and this wide variety of content guarantees that traders are always reading something new, fresh and appropriate for their style of trading.

Chart Patterns

Head and Shoulders, Triangles, Wedges, Channels, and many many more, along with pre-breakout warnings

Fibonacci Patterns

All major Fibonacci Patterns, from extensions to Gartley

Horizontal Levels

Identification of major support and resistance levels, along with pre-breakout warnings

Fundamental Analysis

Stock valuations based on accepted company valuation methodologies

Consecutive Candles

Alerts to excessive amounts of consecutive candles in one direction

Volatility Analysis

Expected price range movements for setting market appropriate exit levels

Extreme Change

Alerts to extreme movements in one direction

Simple to understand  

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to understand our content - we believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.
That’s why our content includes images that traders can quickly understand.

75% Probability that USDCAD will trend down after an upcoming US GDP release

Bullish forecast after an extreme downward change on MPC (NYSE)


We provide forecasts ranging from 15 minutes to months, ensuring that every trader gets the opportunities that fit their trading timeline.

Bullish forecast on DIS (NYSE) after quarterly release of financial statements

Multiple asset classes  

There is nothing worse than sending customers information about topics they’re not interested in. Whether your traders trade Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Forex or Futures, we have content relevant to them

A bullish projection for Gold Futures based on an upcoming economic release

Bullish forecast for NTRS (NYSE) after a consolidation in the price

Styles of trading  

There are so many different styles of trading. Some traders prefer technical analysis while some prefer statistical analysis. Almost everyone keeps an eye on macroeconomic news, while stock traders are watching for earnings releases and fundamental valuations. It’s important to provide your traders with content that suits their style

An opportunity for trend followers: A continuation in the trend for Ford Motor Company (F:NYSE)

A Fibonacci setup on NYSE:DJF that is suitable for swing traders

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