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Outsourcing: The Key to Improving Your ROI

Gen Z, the second generation of digital natives, has already set out on its path to wealth creation, participating in the financial markets and inspiring Generation Alpha to follow suit. The current and upcoming generations of investors are increasingly looking for cutting-edge technology to aid their decision-making process. As investor demographics change and the markets become increasingly global, brokers need to evolve their ecosystem to stay a step ahead. This is the only way to survive the rapidly changing markets.

Today, brokers need to offer the latest technological advances and tools for decision making to empower traders, retain them and motivate them to make redeposits. Sustaining in-house expertise is not only expensive but involves complex management and collaboration logistics that can derail your brokerage from its business goals. Outsourcing can come to the rescue, improving your ROI. Here’s how.

1. Faster Time to Market

Autochartist provides a comprehensive trading toolkit, complete with charting, technical and statistical analytics, and direct trade initiation from the user window. You can choose from highly customisable white-label solutions to match your brand identity. The solutions are ready to use within a fraction of the time it would take to design, develop, test and finally launch your own solution in-house. Additionally, the solutions are highly scalable. All updates and modifications are handled by the technology vendor. This can help you gain an edge over the competition.

2. Maintain Consistent Customer Communication

With your team being supported by advanced technologies, they can provide better insights and help your customers discover trading opportunities faster and better. Elevate your user experience by focusing on customer services and leave the maintenance of the software to the experts.

3. Gain Access to Industry Expertise

By outsourcing the technology for content management, you gain the support of highly experienced and skilled teams. These teams specialise in creating industry-leading technology solutions that ease your service provision. Leaving the technical part to your outsourcing partner allows you to focus on activities that truly add value to your business. Add their risk management services to reduce your risk exposure while you add more financial instruments to your offerings.

4. Offer Better Insights in Less Time

Regulations differ across jurisdictions. So, ensuring that the content you provide for informed trading remains compliant can be a herculean task. Plus, human errors could inadvertently creep in. If you leave this job to human analysts, you might lose this ability to offer real-time trading signals. Analysts will need even more time if they have to create signals for multiple assets. This could lead to traders missing out on trading opportunities. Intelligent retrieval and analytics systems, devised to generate market reports quickly and accurately, add credibility to your platform and fulfill traders’ needs by offering deep insights and helping them to better discover trading opportunities. This not only boosts trader engagement but also enhances trade activity.

5. Market Yourself to a Wider Audience

Did you know that 91% of Gen Z reach out to social media for investment advice? The best way to retain old traders and attract new ones is to have a strong footing on social media with high-quality, relevant content. Autochartist’s content package offers content creation and distribution across channels, including social media. Additionally, automated translation in multiple languages helps you connect with audiences across regions in their own language.

Contact us to discover how our advanced tools can help you garner better ROI while improving lead generation, conversion and retention for your brokerage.