Technical Analysis API

Automated identification of support & resistance levels

Support/resistance and Technical Chart Patterns are the most widely used method for the technical analysis of financial instruments. Unfortunately it's the most difficult to compute. So we do it all for you.

Our Analytic Engines scan global markets every 15 minutes.

Event Types

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Chart Patterns

Fibonacci Patterns

Horizontal Levels

Consecutive Candles

Big Movement

Volatility Analysis

Early identification

Autochartist also identifies Chart Patterns, Fibonacci Patterns and Horizontal Levels before the breakout happens.
We call these "Emerging" or "Approaching" patterns.

Emerging Chart Pattern

Approaching Horizontal Level

Emerging Fibonacci

Breakout Chart Pattern

Breakout Horizontal Level

Completed Fibonacci


Our XML API provides access to our complete feature set
Our JSON API provides limited feature set for use in mobile integrations

Examples of Integrations

Think Or Swim platform
Patterns for all instruments

TD Ameritrade
Patterns for all instruments

IG Insight
Integration into a technical analysis website

Email Newsletter
Integration into email newsletters

ETNA Trader
Real-time market scanning and alerting

MetaTrader - Volatility Analysis
To assist traders in getting out of positions:

Fully integrated widget that interacts will calling application

Econoday Calendar
How to trade the news – embedded into eSignal and numerous other sites

ActTrader (Fx)
Integration of trade opportunities

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