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Top Risk Analysis Parameters Your Brokerage Must Provide

Risk analysis is as critical as market analysis for traders to make informed trading decisions. It helps them size each position adequately, set viable entry and exit points, and hedge risks.

A brokerage that enables traders to seamlessly manage risks by embedding risk management within the trading environment enjoys multiple benefits, such as:

– Improved conversion rates from demo to live accounts.

– Reduced trader churn, since all facilities are available on a single platform.

– Informed trading decisions that translate to enhanced trader activity.

– Customer loyalty due to powerful yet easy-to-use features.

– Differentiate your brokerage from the competition.

– Here’s a list of the top risk metrics your traders will thank you for.

Risk-to-Reward Ratio

This is a critical metric that helps traders quantify the loss-to-profit tradeoff associated with each trade. They use the risk-reward ratio to allocate capital to each position. It further helps traders set stop loss and take profit limits for each position they open.

Profit/Loss Ratio

This is the ratio of trades won to those lost. This type of historical analysis helps traders evaluate their trading strategy. The P/L ratio, combined with the hit rate, helps them decide their risk tolerance limits too.

Sharpe Ratio

Another critical measure is to compare the returns against the risk taken. This helps traders decide if they have the capacity to tolerate the volatility of a riskier asset and the benefits of taking on that risk. Traders can also use it to backtest a custom indicator.

Risk of Ruin

This metric informs traders of the overall payoff ratio, percentage accuracy, and percentage risk per trade. It is an essential statistic that shows whether the trading strategy is good enough to yield profits or whether it could eat away the trader’s capital.


Alpha is the performance of an asset against the benchmark for a given timeframe. Traders use it to gauge the active risk of trading a particular asset.


Beta is one of the most widely used metrics to compare the volatility of an asset or a portfolio with that of the market. It helps traders measure the passive risk that arises from factors other than their own activities, such as market movements or news events.

Correlation Coefficient 

This is the measure of the relationship between two assets. It helps traders identify whether any two assets are strongly correlated. In this way, this metric uncovers whether there is a need to diversify or take hedging measures.

Hedge Efficacy

This is another measure that informs traders of the extent to which a hedging position offsets the cash flow risk of the position being hedged. This metric helps traders assess the efficacy of their hedging strategies and manage their risk exposure more accurately. 

Volatility Reports

Volatility reports per hour, day, and week help traders identify trading opportunities, which could boost trader activity on your platform.

A Final Word

Clear determinants of risk exposure and appropriate risk control measures, such as stop loss and take profit, help boost trader confidence, which, in turn, enhances trader experience. A brokerage that provides such trading metrics and usage guidance stands to improve trader acquisition, retention, and activity.

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