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Top Tools to Add to Your Trading Platform to Delight and Retain Traders

The online trading boom that started during the pandemic-led lockdowns is abating. This is in part due to sustained market volatility which seems to be discouraging new investors. For example, day trading volumes in the US for retail investors declined in the last 2 quarters of 2021.

Brokers need to rethink their strategies to retain traders and encourage them to re-deposit. Offering tools and content that help traders with market analysis, identifying opportunities, and managing risks can give them more confidence to trade and be highly effective for both acquisition and retention.

Below are some of our top suggestions:

Tools to Integrate into Your Websites

Here are some top tools that brokers can easily add to their marketing websites, trader cabinet, and lead generation pages.

  • Trading Opportunities Web Component

This component  offers traders insights into new trading opportunities based on technical analysis. Technical Analysis is one the most widely used techniques for analyzing the markets, offering compelling real-time information to your traders.

  • High Probability Trades Component

This is a web component known as “Our Favourites,” which provides updates whenever a high-probability trade set-up is detected. This component can be seen more as “signals” rather than pure analysis, and are based on past performance.

  • Volatility Analysis Web Component

A perfect companion to any educational initiative, this tool provides a visual representation of expected volatility of an asset. This includes specific times of the day when volatility tends to peak or decline so that traders can plan positions accordingly.

  • Risk Calculator

If your traders are going dormant because of excessively large losses, this tool can help traders ascertain their risk exposure before placing trades, and allows them to manage their risk through appropriate position sizing. A perfect tool for customer retention!

Email and Newsletter Integrations

Apart from web plugins, you can offer traders access to valuable content and analyses directly via email or on their smartphones.

  • Daily Market Snapshots 

Daily Market Snapshots typically include a list of upcoming high-impact market events and also provides a summary of major market indicators and a quick view of relevant trade set-ups. The reports can be sent in multiple languages across multiple time zones, to cater to a global clientele. They can also be integrated directly into the CRM or messaging system of the broker.

  • News Event Forecasts

Economic news events are a huge part of any trader’s life. Instead of asking traders to stay away from the markets during news events, brokers are increasingly pushing valuable market forecasts based on these events – giving traders the ability to immerse themselves in these exciting times.

  • Correlating Signals Emails 

Multiple types of analysis can point towards a particular trading outcome. The correlating signals alert is provided to traders through emails to help them identify such potentially rare and high-value trade set-ups.

RSS Feeds

Apart from engaging traders, RSS feeds can be integrated with other websites and used in building online followers. It can boost organic traffic to brokers’ websites and help traders keep track of frequently updated market information, without having to scour through search engines. Daily Market Update RSS are specifically targeted to inexperienced traders, while Trading Research RSS give more in-depth market analysis to advanced traders.

Traders, both new and experienced, have higher expectations from brokers in today’s intensely competitive market. Brokers need an edge in the financial market in order to retain their traders. Autochartist enables you to accomplish this through tools that can be easily integrated into your trading platforms. Contact us to learn more.