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Trade29 releases Autochartist integration into Sierra Charts

Trade29 is delighted to announce the availability of “C1 Analyzer Pro” for “Sierra Chart”. Powered by Autochartist, the product consists of a set of studies that can be used on 25+ futures markets.

This has been a joint collaboration between Autochartist, Infinity Futures and Trade29 Software.

Our initial motivation for this work was the quality of Autochartist’s analytics. What we loved is that the underlying engine is mature and sophisticated while the end result for the user is quite simple – clear and clean analysis, easy to interpret and visualize on the chart, easy to take action on and incorporate into one’s trading strategies.

This first version includes 3 main components we are sure will be a great addition to any traders toolbox:

  1. Volatility Analysis
  2. Technical Chart pattern detection
  3. Key Level detection

In more detail, main features include:

  • Volatility Analysis – view projected price movement for the next 1 hour, 4 hours and 1 day, updated in real time
  • Supports 25+ futures markets
  • Detection of 16 possible technical chart patterns
  • Detection of resistance and support levels from multiple timeframes
  • View higher level time frame patterns on lower time frame intraday charts
  • Control panel – quickly enable/disable suggested patterns directly from the chart
  • Alerts – market awareness is key – be aware of new patterns as they are detected and breakouts of existing patterns as the market makes an important move

To check it out and give it a try, see our landing page

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Volatility Analysis

The Volatility Analysis study uses historical to give a statistical projection where price might be within a given time.

Chart Patterns

See an example of this ascending triangle automatically detected and displayed on the chart. The pattern below is a 1H pattern displayed on a 5 min chart.

For any questions, feel free to contact any of these anytime

Trade29 Software – support@trade29.com
Autochartist – support@autochartist.com
Infinity Futures – trade@infinityfutures.com