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5 + 1 Tips to increase Lead-Acquisition for your brokerage

How to enhance your lead generation process and generate more business leads. 5 + 1 Tips to increase Lead-Acquisition for your Brokerage 

Fx brokers are continuously investing in improving their lead generation processes and how their lead funnels can be enhanced to achieve maximum results. 

Some of the most widely used tactics in the past were focused on added value via deposit or deposit bonuses. A strategy that in recent years has become void due to close observation and change in regulation by regulatory bodies globally, such as CySEC, BaFin, FCA, etc. Furthermore it was quite often observed that lead generation based on this tactic, would yield low quality and low lifetime value leads. The result was that fx brokers ended-up in a never ending cycle of having to continuously generate leads rather than focusing on increasing deposits and loyal customers. 

Having moved away from the strategy of bonuses, fx brokerage marketing departments are continuously looking into increasing lead acquisition and nurturing the traders into loyal customers via their product and service offering. Whether they are small start-ups or multi million dollar brokerages, increasing lead generation is considered to be the lifeblood of forex brokers. Understanding the various stages within lead generation funnels is key to ensuring sales efforts are focused on turning leads into traders. We have prepared a list of 7 tips to increase lead-acquisition for your fx brokerage

Let’s begin.. 

1. Present your visitors with value from their first interaction with the brand. 

We are sure you must have heard this before. Giving the client what they want from step 1, makes them feel that you‘ve hit the right note. It instills confidence and trust that you‘ll be able to cover their needs. Here’s some aspects you‘ll need to consider prior to determining your offering:

  • Make sure you are solving a problem / hitting on a pain-point
  • Focus on the emotion (We‘ll look into this further in a bit)
  • Your content needs to match the right stage in your client’s journey
  • Test, test and test

Forex marketing tips

Offering something is not enough; you will need to give your potential traders a genuinely helpful offering.

2. Use REAL testimonials 

Every fx brokerage has access to testimonials of clients that have experienced trading with the brand before. The perfect testimonial consists of: 

  • A problem that everyone can relate to
  • How the problem was tackled and what the traders experience was
  • Adding statistics would also take you a long way 

All you have to do is reach out to some of your most loyal traders and ask whether they would be interested in sharing their experience.

Forex marketing tips

By using testimonials, you are eliminating fear. At the same time you are building a relationship and trust.

3. Use content as your biggest weapon

Using case studies and market data can be your biggest ally. In a fast-paced environment such as the global financial markets, data and reports can go a long way in helping your traders increase their chances of success. 

In a recent study* 60% of participants ranked research and case studies as the most trusted type of content marketing followed by 34% who said photos and infographics; and 31% voted for blog posts and articles. 

Incorporating such types of content into your lead generation marketing efforts is vital.

Forex marketing tips

Generating unique content is often a nightmare for FX brokerages. Posting it on-time throughout your channels can be time consuming and often results in letting content go unexploited.  Invest in automating your content generation. Natural language generation enables you to create unique content, fast and offer cross-platform posting. Find out more here

4. Work on your Call to action content (CTA)

Button content will often affect the rate at which it is being clicked. Your CTA content needs to provoke an action. Therefore, mastering your CTA content can increase your click through rate. Here are some simple guidelines: 

  • Start the sentence with “I want ________” or “I want to _______”. Whatever you type in the empty space is what will be used as CTA content. 
  • Use the word GET. Everyone wants to GET something. E.g. GET STARTED
  • Use the curiosity of the user. E.g. FIND OUT MORE
  • Use a verb that inspires an action + a word that creates an urgency. E.g. TRADE NOW.

5. Use emotion

Traders often sign-up to solve a problem and not because they woke-up one day thinking they want to trade. Look further into the traders psychology by understanding what their needs and wants are. For example, a trader will trade because they aspire for a better lifestyle, or an increase in their income. Building a visual and using language that caters to their needs will subconsciously help them identify with your brand. 

You‘ll often find that traders will buy into the emotional connection. Logical selling will also work, but knocking on the potential leads emotions will close the deal.

Forex marketing tips

Emotion in your approach is also needed in B2B environments (E.G. IB and affiliate campaigns). Make sure you are always balancing logic with emotion.

6. Use social media

Social media can prove to be one of your biggest lead generation channels as they help build a relationship with your audience. In a recent study by emarketer**, social media marketing proved to be (59%) one of the most effective tactics used for improving lead generation quality.

Furthermore in a second study, emarketer, has concluded that the best social media platform for lead generation is Facebook (82%).

Social media platforms allow you to build an active and engaged audience, expanding your reach as well as creating communication channels and sharing content with them.

Forex marketing tips

Consistent posting and unique content is key to the success of your social media channels. Afterall there are 3.5 Billion daily active social media users. Make sure you are giving them the right message. Find out how here

Having read all the above, you are now ready to embark on a journey to enhance your brokerage’s lead acquisition funnels. Following the above guidelines to help you turn visitors into leads that you can later on convert to active traders.


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