Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.

Does Your Brokerage Really Need a Comprehensive Analytics Toolkit?

The one thing in common among all traders is that they want to make informed decisions. But that’s where the similarity ends. Every trader has a different requirement for information, simply because their trading strategies, portfolio of assets, preferred time of trading, experience level, financial goals, risk appetite, and trading mindset are different.

So, how does a brokerage cater to the information needs of so many different types of traders? Also, all traders want to be served the most appropriate information, at just the right time. This makes it very important for brokerages to partner with a provider of a comprehensive analytics toolkit to cater to their clients’ diverse decision-making requirements. 

Here’s where Autochartist excels. That’s why it was awarded the “Most Comprehensive Market Analysis Provider – Global” by ForexRating.com in February 2023, for the support it provided brokerages and their clients through 2022. ForexRating.com not only conducts its own evaluation of the solution, but also collates extensive user feedback to award the players who are at the forefront of cutting-edge trading technology, tools, conditions, and customer support.

Value of a Powerful Analytics Tool

A 360-degree analytics setup includes innovative solutions that provide traders with engaging, insightful, and actionable content. Autochartist offers a wide range of tools that span across the US, European, and Asian markets for a host of instruments, including commodities, futures, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. Its global market analysis and decision support tools help brokerages ensure that their clients get accurate and timely analyses. Additionally, it helps to automate targeted content distribution in multiple languages.

6 Insights That an Analytics Toolkit Must Offer

A panoramic view of the markets and asset price behaviors is essential to make decisions. On the other hand, granular reports and analytical insights serve as action triggers for traders to time their entry and exit. Therefore, a brokerage needs multi-faceted analysis to deliver a rich trading experience:

1. Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the cornerstone of all trading decisions. These tools highlight price patterns and automatically detect technical trade setups with different indicators. They also highlight horizontal support and resistance levels. It’s best to choose tools that cater to both swing and trend traders.

2. Statistical Analysis

This type of analysis alerts traders of unusual market moves by detecting unusually extreme price movements. The automatic detection of consecutive bear and bull candles helps traders make the most of market volatility. This insightful and timely information alerts traders to dramatic changes so they can take action.

3. Macroeconomic Analysis

Macroeconomic analysis includes data and predictions around economic calendar events. Autochartist provides a well-rounded multi-scenario forecast before the data release and a single-scenario forecast at the time of the release, to help traders trade the news with greater confidence.

4. Sentiment Analysis

This is one of the most crucial drivers of the market that is often overlooked by analytics tools. Comprehensive tools that monitor news across numerous publications, social media chatter on Twitter, and expert comments in real-time help to gauge market sentiment, on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. This enhances trader engagement and builds trust.

5. Risk and Volatility Report

Accurate analysis of volatility and risk helps traders size their positions better, manage risk, and time their trades to take advantage of the most attractive trading opportunities across the global financial markets. Such tools should also warn of increased risk based on upcoming economic events.

6. Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis spans income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements to determine the health of stocks, cryptos, and indices. The ability to identify undervalued and overvalued assets helps traders identify assets with the most potential and the direction in which to trade them. Fundamental analysis also highlights the effect of earnings releases by certain companies on the industry.

The content generated from these tools can be distributed by brokers to their clients through multiple channels. It can be embedded on their website, integrated with their trading platform, sent via emails, WhatsApp messages and SMS, or shared on their social media. 

Autochartist ensures best-in-class data analysis by collaborating with domain experts across the financial and technology verticals. Their API-based tools are highly customizable and can be seamlessly integrated into any web-enabled technology. A trusted technology collaboration to enrich trader experience, educate them, and help them trade confidently can help brokerages attract and retain traders. Start here to position your brokerage as a customer-centric firm that understands the diverse needs of its traders.